Bio energy healing, miracle recovery from apraxia and epilepsy


Hello everyone ,

I have decided to post my experience i have been thru on this site as I hope many many children will recover as my daughter did after 5 mo of non speaking at all. Only word mama.

Well, she has been suffering since she was 4 yrs old with epilepsy and it was time when she had seizures for 4 mo non stop grand mal ones for up to 10 min each every day…sometimes 2-3 times a day.. A year ago I was introduced to the healer and after one session with him since than she didn’t have even one seizure, it had been  1.5 yrs now. Everything was fine, seemed like but time to time shr  was loosing her speech for couple weeks and then it was coming back slowly.. Was taking couple mo to recover. In january of 2012 suddenly she woke up non speaking anymore. She is 7 yrs old now.. She has been speechless for 4 mo.. Only word mama could pronounce..

Well, a mo ago on may 1 of 2012 she had a session with bio energy healer in Ukraine this time. He looked at her and said: in 2 weeks she will be speaking. Of course, it was hard to believe after 4 mo being in a hell.. I am sure parents like me know how it feels when your child can’t express herself..

Well, next day I could understand what she was trying to say, she was screaming : I an speak now!!!!!” 6 days later her speech came back 90 percent .

It has been 3 weeks since she is speaking now.i don’t know if that is going to last forever .. I think everyone responds differently to it but everything in gods hands and I hope for the best.. As 4 weeks I was starting to loose my hope but we never should!!! If anyone is interested in more info, let me know and I will be happy to help if I can…



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Good Evening,

This is a Blog site for parents with kids that are suffering from Apraxia. It will allow you to discuss with others who are dealing with the same condition your child is.  Please do not put any information on the site that can allow someone to find out your phone, or address.  This is for the security of the children.